District Executive/Other Key Members

Governor Sid Slade
Sherwood Park, AB


Born and raised in Nova Scotia in 1944 and departed in 1964 to join the RCMP.  While training in Ottawa I met my wife Sharon and after transferring to British Columbia in 1966. Sharon and I married in 1970 and were immediately transferred to Prince Edward Island where we spent 3 years.  In 1973, we uprooted ourselves and were transferred to Saskatchewan where I was posted to our national training academy.  After a 3 year posting we relocated to British Columbia and spent the next 13 years in various locations prior to be transferred once again to Alberta.  After 7 years in the greater Edmonton area I was off to the best job ever – retirement after serving 32 years.

We added to our family tree in 1975 with our oldest son Shane and again in 1976 with the addition of our second son Scott.  We are the proud grandparents to twins – Sean and Avery who were added to the family tree in 2009.

Although I was acquainted to Gyro while in Port Alberni and Nelson, I did not have the opportunity to become a member until moving to Sherwood Park.  At the time I belonged to another service club and several members were members of Gyro upon which I became more interested and through my acquaintance with PDG Keith Bradley I eventually joined this happy group of gentlemen. 

During my years with the Gyro Club of Sherwood Park, I have participated as Director, Vice President and eventually President in 2006-2007 and Secretary/Treasurer of District VIII under the guidance of PDG Bernie Kropp. 

Since joining Gyro Sharon and I have enjoyed the benefits and friendship of our good Gyro’s.

Lt. Governor Ken Williamson
Stampede City, AB


Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1953, the oldest of 3 children of Jack and Laura Williamson. My father started a drilling company involved in the seismic business in the late 50’s working in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. I joined the company after attending the University of Calgary in the mid 70’s where we changed the focus of the company from seismic to mineral exploration and specialized drilling services for the Canadian Arctic. 

Jack joined the Stampede City Gyro Club in the 70’s and I then became an older Gyrunt. I attended many Gyro bottle drives, president breakfasts and other family Gyro events. On the odd occasion I and other Gyrunts were pressed into service to retrieve our fathers from the Tradewinds Hotel where Gyro meetings would sometime start at lunch and carry on until late evening. Jack retired in 1988 and the drilling company was shut down. 

During my work career for Flite Drilling Services, I travelled extensively from the Canadian Arctic, North West Territories, Yukon, British Columbia, Quebec and the Western United States. After the company was shut down I worked for a Calgary drill manufacturer as service manager. In 1994, I moved to Sacramento, California for an opportunity to be Manager of Western operations for a specialized drill contractor involved in the clean-up of American contaminated military bases. In 1995 an International drilling contractor based in Calgary with global operations hired me as their global logistics manager where I had the opportunity to travel and work in the United States, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, South Africa and Madagascar. 

In 2003 I started a company that designed, manufactured and operated sewage waste water systems for the oil field camps. The company was sold in 2006. In 2008 I became a contract logistics estimator for several engineering companies working on various pipelines in Western Canada, Alaska, Mexico and Peru. I retired – unwillingly – in 2016 when the pipeline work dried up. 

Somewhere in all of the above in 1980, I met the love of my life at the Calgary Ski Club. Mina and I dated and then married on May 16, 1981. We have one daughter Erin who was born in August 1984 and is now a Chartered Accountant working in Calgary. We have one grand-dog and one grand-horse. 

I joined the Stampede City Gyro Club in 1990 and held every position except treasurer a number of times. Mina and I have had the opportunity over the years to attend numerous District and International conventions and have made many new friends. 

I am looking forward to serving District 8 as Lt. Governor and look forward to meeting more Gyro friends.

Secretary, Rikke Dootjes
Sherwood Park, AB


I was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I married Cornelia Jacoba (Cora)Dootjes nee Leonards in1965. I apprenticed as a contact lens technician for a British firm in Amsterdam in 1966, after a short career as hairdresser. In May of 1968, I Immigrated to Canada with Cora and our 3-year-old daughter Corina. I worked and lived in Kitchener/ Waterloo Ont. We now have 3 daughters, Corina, Miranda and Candace.

We have two adult grand children, Cobie and Gwen. Cobie made us great grand parents. Candace our youngest has three children two boys and a girl. Miranda has no children just two dogs.

I was approached to be a branch manager in Edmonton by Imperial Optical, manufacturing contact lenses. In 1974 we started our own manufacturing business.

One year later the Sherwood Park Club was chartered, and I am a charter member. I have been president twice and district secretary twice as well.

I was appointed in the early nineties as honorary consul for the Netherlands for Northern Alberta. I was invited twice to meet with the then Queen of the Netherlands. During that time l started the longest and biggest winter festival in Edmonton called “The Silver Skate Festival”. Although I resigned from the board after 30 years, it is still going strong. l also resigned after 12 years of serving as consul. I am still consulting for our business and my hobbies are traveling, hunting and fishing. I look forward to serving as District Secretary for 2021 -2022.

Treasurer, Ken Baker
Calgary, AB


I was born in 1947 in Regina and spent the 1st 18 years of my life on a farm south of Regina. In 1965 I attended the Saskatchewan Technical Institute in Moose Jaw where I spent the next couple of years. Upon graduation I took a job in Calgary with the Canada Revenue Agency where I spent the 1st 10 years of my working life.

In 1968 I met Ann. We married in 1969. We have 2 children (both in Calgary) and 2 grandchildren.

In 1978 I left the Canada Revenue Agency and started my own accounting practice. For the next 28 years I met and worked with many wonderful people. One of those people introduced me to Gyro Club of Calgary in 1995. I joined almost immediately. Probably the 2nd best thing that ever happened to me (see preceding paragraph)!

Since joining Gyro, I have served in Club as Treasurer and President. I have served District as the Governor in 2011-2012 and this will be my 4th term as your District Secretary Treasurer. Needless to say I am proud to be involved with our wonderful organization.

In 1996 we went to our 1st International Convention and we were hooked. Over the past 24 years Ann and I have attended many conventions, both District and International. We are truly blessed to have met so many people from across Canada and the United States that we are proud to call our friends.

Immediate Past Governor, Derm Jackman
Castlegar, BC


I was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, in 1951, the oldest of 5 children.  My father worked as a civilian with the U.S.A.F. on the D.E.W. line, for 26 years & then retired to Gander, Nfld. & went to work for the M.O.T. at the Gander International Airport.

I graduated high school in Gander. I left Gander in 1974  and moved to Trail B.C.  I worked as a lathe operator in a chainsaw manufacturing plant for 2 years.  In 1977 I started working for Cominco and retired in 2010, after 33 years.

My wife Lillian & I started dating in 1984, on the Charter Night of the Castlegar Gyro Club.  We married in 1991, and have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.

My hobbies include DJ’ing for parties and I have been playing the music for Gyro parties for about 20 years, fishing, fly tying, I also play guitar and sing in a band and travel between Castlegar, Trail, Nelson and entertain seniors, I have a small computer business out of my home.  I am the vice-president of the Castlegar Festival Society and the Fireworks chair for the festival.  I have been on the festival society for 33 years

I was introduced to Gyro by a Trail Gyro Jim Marshall in 1984.  I attended a few Gyro meetings and dinner in Trail.  We started the Castlegar Club and I became the Charter Secretary/Treasurer and still hold that position today.  I am a Life Member of Gyro.  I love attending Curl – a- Rama.  I was the Convention Co-chair with Past Governor Todd Verhaeghe, in 2001, when Castlegar hosted the district convention.  I served as District 8 Secretary/Treasurer for Past Governor Todd Verhaeghe.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to serve as Governor for 2019/20. As Governor, I look forward to visiting with all our Gyro & Gyrette friends, in the District, and making new friends.

District Database Administrator, Sid Slade
Sherwood Park, AB

Webmaster,  Peter A. Carter
Edmonton, AB